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Rival is all about the player. We provide services that our competitors either contract out or don't offer at all.

K.J. McDaniels Declares for NBA Draft, signs with Rival Sports Group
K.J. McDaniels signs with Rival Sports Group, Expected to be Top Prospect in 2014 NBA Draft


Rival Sports Group is a premiere sports management company with a full range of services to support the professional athlete’s lifestyle.

Negotiations Negotiations

Rival Sports Group works with multiple agents who have years of negotiation experience with NBA teams, international clubs, and corporate sponsors. Negotiating millions of dollars in Athlete contracts.


Rival will work with a wide range of companies to find the best endorsement and marketing opportunties to build the professional athletes brand through our network of influential connections.

Finances Finances

Rival Sports Group offers guidance and support for the professional athlete’s wealth through StockCross Financial Services. Established in 1971, StockCross is one of the largest privately owned self-clearing brokerage firms in the nation that has spent many years providing financial guidance and excellent customer service to their clients. StockCross takes care of our athlete’s finances whether they simply need budgeting advice or are ready to start investing their money for the future.


StockCross not only works with clients to devise a budget, they also manage their wealth automatically to help maintain their financial goals. In addition, our clients don’t have to think about bill deadlines because StockCross representatives will be happy to manage the payment of all or some of their bills.


StockCross Investment Specialists help build a flexible portfolio designed to meet each client’s investment objectives as well as provide solutions to maximize their wealth, such as tax considerations. The following as available though the Investment Center

- Certificate of Deposit (FDIC Insured)                                              - Government Agency Bonds

- Tax Advantaged Municipal Bonds                                                  - Independent Third-Party research

- United States Treasury Bonds                                                          - Corporate Bonds

- New Issue Preffered Stock                                                                - Reverse Convertible Notes

- Free Portfolio Analysis                                                                       - Retirement and Educational Planning

Insurance Insurance

Rival Sports Group works with an affiliate insurance company, Park Wilshire, that customizes a plan specific to protect each client’s lifestyle. With their long history in the area of sports insurance, they can cover everything the professional athlete might need from disability insurance to car insurance.


  1. Personal Risk Management Review: We determine current risks and risk management goals.
  2. Research: We evaluate exposures, assests, strategies, and objectives. 
  3. Recommendations: We provide suggestions on how to improve current coverage.
  4. Plan Design: We’ll work to customize a plan that matches individual needs.
  5. Personal Service: A committed representative is provided to each client.
  6. Claims: File a claim at any time with ease and we’ll handle the stress.


- Professional Athletes                                     - Sports Promoters

- Sporting Events Hosts                                   - Sports Management

- Sports Sponsorship                                      - Individuals & Companies


- Homeowner's                                              - Automibile, Watercraft & Aircraft

- Jewelry, Fine Arts, Collections                        - Life/Disability Insurance

- Travel Insurance                                           - Foundations & Non-Profits

- Bonus Prize Indemnity                                    - Personal Liability  


For a professional athlete the risk of injury is high and an injury might lead to the end of their career. Disability insurance will not only help cover the injury, it helps cover furture finances if an injury prevents the athlete's ability to perform.

Marketing Marketing

Rival Sports Group manages media coverage and promotions through several different avenues. Only marketing methods that are benefits to our clients and their reputation are selected. This strategy improves both status and worth in the eyes of marketers and fans.

The following are some of the media and marketing methods Rival arranges. These promotional tools help our clients become more valuable as professional athletes and as celebrity figures.


- Facebook                                              - Twitter

- YouTube                                               - Instagram


We promote our clients through in-house commercials for Rival, our family companies, and through various endorsement deals.


- Signings                                               - Charity Events

- Press Release & Press Conferences        - Endorsements

- Print Advertising 

Philanthropy Philanthropy

Giving back to the community is something many professional athletes pride themselves on and take very seriously. Rival Sports Group is passionate about helping those in need and strives to provide unique opportunities for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Charities & Foundations


The ABCs has devoted all its resources to eradicating breast and prostate cancer. Rival and its family companies have donated millions of dollars to this foundation and sponsors their annual black tie gala. To date, the ABCs has raised over $13 million benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Institute.


Trading For A Cure is a charity StockCross Financal Services hosts as a one-day event with a large portion of trading profits donated to charity.


Our athletes often donate to charities or make appearances for a wide range of charities. Rival encourages and arranges many of these events.


If our athletes have a cause that they are passionate about and would like to start a new charity, we have all the resources they need to make it happen. We help every step of the way including handling all the business functions of the charity from management to marketing.


Courtside Hoops:

Courtside Hoops is a basketball camp founded by Rival’s own, Sarah Court. Many of our current professional athlete clients have participated in Courtside Hoop’s events and games to mentor these young athletes and show them an unforgettable experience. The purpose of Courtside Hoops is to create an environment and avenue for young men and women who have a love and passion for the game of basketball to grow, improve, and better themselves as basketball players and more importantly as individuals.

Valley Basketball Camp:

Former NBA player and President of Basketball Operations at Rival, Pooh Richardson, hosts a camp for boys and girls through the Valley Basketball Academy. The camp offers drills, plyometrics, and more to help young athletes prepare for their next level pf basketball.

Starting A Sports Camp:

Starting a sports camp is a great way to not only mentor young athletes and provide a fun experience, but also to better them as human beings through education about morals and a cause. Camps like these have a great influence on children and young adults, especially if they involve their favorite sports idol(s). With Rival’s connections and experience with basketball camps, we easily help anyone start their own camp.

Real Estate Real Estate
Real Estate


Rival Sports Group collaborates with Gebbia Custom Estates to help build the perfect home to fit each individual’s lifestyle. The Gebbia Family has been building custom estates since 1991, in some of the most exclusive gated communities in the country. We create magnificent properties that feature custom designs at every level. We specialize in using only the finest materials along with the finest craftsmanship while creating our custom homes.


Training Training

Rival Sports Group is one of the few sports management companies that offers high level professional athlete training. Rival has access to the facilities, resources and professionals to help the professional athletes with every aspect of their training goals including: nutrition, physical therapy, and performance brain training.

The Factory:

Located in Westlake Village, the Factory guarantees an exclusive training environment for the highly motivated individual interested in accelerating and maximizing their physical and genetic potential. The Factory’s amenities include:

- Large Sports performance center                            - Integrated on-site physical therapists

- Massage therapy                                                  - On-site nutritionist and integrated meal service

- Olympic style 4-lane indoor Mondo sprint track      - 6 Olympic lifting racks and platforms

- Proven customized, performance training               - Athletes lounge featuring flat-screen TV

- Customized pre-post workout supplementation      - NeuroStation - Performance Brain Training


Our athletes have the opportunity to work with former professional athletes, seasoned NBA veterans, and specialists on professional athlete training who provide invaluable advice and technique, such as:

  • BILLY MILLER: Founder and Owner of The Factory; 2010 Tight End Superbowl Champion, New Orleans Saints
  • MAURICE GREEN: Speed Specialist/Performance, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, 5x World Champion Gold Medalist
  • TY TWINE: Core Strength/Conditioning

Travel Travel


Rival Sports Group is ready and willing to help our clients with any sort of travel or arrangements. We handle anything from booking a flight to booking appointments.


Flights & Hotels:

When our athletes need to book a flight or a hotel they simply give us a call. Our team is happy to help with all their bookings to ensure their trip will be easy and comfortable. We also work with esteemed travel agents who arrange fabulous vacations all over the world.

Concierge Services:

The following are some examples of the types of arrangements Rival provides. Our offerings are not limited to this list:

- Restaurant Reservations                          - Event Tickets

-Auto Services                                          - Transportation

- Relocation Services                                - House Sitting

- Events/Parties                                       - Doctor's Appointments

- Spa Appointments                                - Bill Pay

- Dry Cleaning                                        - Post Office & Mailing

- Shopping                                            - Organization

-Repair & Construction Projects



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